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VividVoices is a group for all adults who love to sing, and be part of a fresh new group with not much of the ‘choir’ formalities.

It is for everyone….stay at home parents, retired folk, university students, lunch break singers and everyone else! Our sessions are ONLINE so that you can access singing in the comfort of your home.

You don’t have to be able to sing well as within a supportive group you will soon feel better about your singing. Our principal aims are to help you connect, belong and be inspired to sing.

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What we do

Our new ‘Wicked Wednesdays’ singing sessions are monthly or fortnightly sessions where you simply join us for your favourite theme and sing along at home. 

Some of our previous themes have been Elton John, Songs from the Movies, Songs from the Musicals, Abba, The Beatles and Queen.

You don’t need a great voice to join us – just a love for singing, a computer or tablet and, for best experience but not essential, some headphones.

Our singers come from Australia, Europe and the UK at the moment but we are open to all – you just need to work out if our session times suit you.

Online singing is an absolutely fantastic thing to do!
As soon as one session ends, I am hanging out for the next one! ❤️?❤️


Absolutely fantastic

Watching everyone thoroughly putting their hearts into their singing makes my day, three days a week.? 


Not having to worry about others hearing my voice.

Its great to connect with people who are like minded and so passionate about singing and music.


Gives us something to look forward to


Sue noticed that many adults were choosing not to sing because of things they had been told in the past.

“You can’t sing”
“I was told to be quiet when in the choir at school”
“Please stop strangling the cat”…

VividVoices is a community singing group for adults of ALL abilities and backgrounds.

Sue also runs singing groups for children.
Find out more here.

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